Mother Rituals, Circles and Ceremonies

Post Natal Rebozo ceremony 

A Rebozo ceremony is a beautiful way to close the intense physical and emotional upheaval of pregnancy and birth in a woman’s body and this intimate wrap ritual is traditionally performed on mothers to close the 40 days post-partum period.

Benefits include: 

  • Helping the mother relax and feel more comfortable in her body post-birth.

  • Providing emotional and physical healing in the transformation of woman to mother.

  • Honours and celebrates this special rite of passage.


Session duration around 3 hours.
Recommended for mothers who have finished bleeding following birth. 

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120 days -
Welcoming the soul c

I am Worthy - Pregnancy Ritual

Duration: 2-3h


You will receive:

  • Herbal foot bath massage

  • Rebozo therapy

  • Belly painting, natural & magical ultrasound

What is the meaning of this ritual?


This is a ritual of celebration. Honouring  the beautiful pregnant woman that you are!! 

It is a moment to relax, enjoy, have fun and recharge.


Pregnancy is a powerful,  blooming phase. You are in transition, you are growing!  This can go along with discomfort in the body or being emotionally overwhelmed. This ritual is to support you on your big journey into motherhood. 


The herbal foot bath is soothing, supporting the connection to your femininity and recharges your vitality. The Rebozo (meaning scarf)  therapy helps to create space in the pelvis and calms your body and mind.


During the belly painting we create a moment of connection with your baby. We feel the positioning of the baby and surround him/her with a sound bath in which we integrate a story with your wishes and dreams. 

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The 120 days after conception is a moment where some tradition say it is the time where the soul is connecting with the body

This celebration is done to welcome the unborn into the community. To acknowledge its presence and celebrate the gifts that this new human being will bring into the world. 

It is also a ritual done for the mother to show gratitude for the task she has taken opon her and to support and celebrate her. 

Benefits include:

  • Giving the unborn a sense of belonging 

  • Connecting and building a solid ground within the family and community

  • Cultivating trust and confidence for the mother

  • Awareness and acknowledgement of the arrival of a new brother or sister for siblings

This ritual can be done anytime after the 120th day passed conception. There are many personal ways to ritualize this event. We will organize a meeting beforehand to accustom it to your wishes. 

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Mother & Baby meetings

Women joining together has a healing effect. And mothering in community is so much more fun!  


Motherhood can be intense, confusing and confronting at times. Gathering together is a perfect way to relax, recharge and enjoy. You are not alone on your mothering journey! 

Meetings take place every Thursday morning from 10:30 to 12:30 in the Jardim da Estrela and are free of charge. 

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