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A Doula is a Greek word whose definition has come to mean 'a woman who serves other women'. It is a non-medical childbirth professional who provides continuous physical, emotional, and evidence-based informational support to the mother and her partner before, during and after childbirth. 

Birth Doula - Rosanna

Dear woman,

I believe you have all it takes to birth your child into this world. And it is an honour to witness and be of service to you on this journey into motherhood. 


I see my work as a process of reconnecting.

Reconnecting the mother with her intimate self, that comes with an eternal strength and inner knowing. This power can have been dormant, and pregnancy is a given opportunity to reawaken it.

Here is where you can find more about my services 


Post-partum Doula - Milagros

Postpartum doulas are individuals trained in assisting families in the postpartum period, generally the three months after birth (known as the fourth trimester). Our job is to support in integrating this new little person into the family and help the family find a way of balancing itself with an additional member. We provide support, not only to the person who gave birth but to partners, siblings, and other family members. This period of time can come with many unexpected challenges and having someone around to provide support and guidance can be especially useful.

To know more about my services I direct you to my website

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