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Rebozo Ceremony

A powerful way to close the intense physical and emotional upheaval of pregnancy and birth in a woman’s body.

This ritual is a profound and transforming experience.

It is a beautiful ritual, from the Mexican culture.

It consists of:

1. Massage

2.Herbal bath

3. Sweat

4. Closing with Rebozo

Benefits include: 

Helping the mother relax and feel more comfortable in her body after childbirth.

Provides emotional and physical healing in the transformation from woman to mother.

Honors and celebrates this special rite of passage.


The first step: Massage

This is a massage from head to toe that comes to release all the nodules, tensions, fears and all the energy that has been stored and encapsulated in the body and that the woman needs to release, liberate and relieve.

The second step: The herbal bath.

This a moment to open your feelings, allowing the emotions to appear. The element of water is the element of emotions, it is the moment to open and release all the baggage, expectations, discomforts.


The third step: Sweat

We cover you completely, so you can sweat and this sweat releases the toxins, purifying and to reduce inflammation of your body. We do a relaxation  with the drum or with Tibetan bowls, guiding her to a deep relaxation and allowing you to connect with yourself

The fourth step: Closing the bones

This means to close with a rebozo seven parts of your physical body, To bring you to the earth, to this new identity. Also you can experience what the baby went through when it was born as the clenching goes from head to toe. It will ground you and bring your energy back.

The session lasts about 3 to 4 hours.

Preferably performed in the comfort of your own home.

And is done by Rosanna and Milagros

Recommended for mothers who have finished bleeding after childbirth, or when going through a major life change such as a miscarriage and want to feel this rite of passage in a special and conscious way. 

What women said about this ritual


Rosanna & Mili created a space of intimacy, trust and confidence that helped me to close this special chapter of pregnancy, birth and postpartum, to release fears and feelings of fragility and vulnerability, and to find reassurance and calmness in my body, heart and soul. I enjoyed the feminine energy in my house so much 🙏🏽✨💙  Sophie

"The Closing the Bones Ritual has been a fundamental part of my postpartum processing and healing, and I will carry the enormous benefits with me into the rest of motherhood. The ritual helped me see how connected I really am to Mother Earth and to the universe, and enabled me to powerfully step into a new part of myself and my journey as woman and parent. Milagros and Rosanna each bring a unique, gentle, caring wisdom and truth with their presence, insights and gracious listening. This is the gift I wish for every expectant mother and every woman who has given birth. All my gratitude to Seed of Life."  Cate

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