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Birth Preparation Programme

  • 5 Week Programme with a 2 hour class per week

  • Maximum of 7 couples for the course duration

This course is for you if you want to

  • Get confident leading up to birth

  • Gain knowledge of natural remedies supporting pregnancy, birth and postpartum

  • Welcome the personal growth on this journey into parenthood

  • Get a clear view on the Portuguese birth culture and your options in the system

  • Join a community of future parents in the same phase as you​

Week 1

The Physiology of Birth 

  • Natural birth

  • Stages of labor

  • The hormonal orchestra

  • Supportive postures

Week 2

Mental Preparation for birt

  • Our conditioning on birth

  • Pro and cons of the main medical interventions 

  • Fears and values

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Week 3

Coping with Pain 

  • Our brain in labour

  • Labor pain and pleasure

  • Trying out natural pain relievers

  • Coping with pain exercises

Week 4

Birth plan 

  • Visualisation of birth

  • Birth mapping

  • Dreams and expectations 

  • Creating a Birth plan

Week 5

Postpartum preparation

  • What changes to expect

  • The importance of postpartum support

  • The first 40 days after birth

  • The basics of breastfeeding



  • 10 hour in person classes

  • Weekly manual 

  • Weekly workbook

  • Virtual support until 40 weeks postpartum

Is this investment not within your budged? Do get in touch!

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