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Nurturing the inner wisdom of women and supporting them to bloom during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Preparing for your birth is a process of self-awareness. An opportunity for change and to stand in your full power.



Rosanna and Milagros share a passion for the profound transition that occurs as a woman becomes a mother, believing birth to be a sacred rite of passage into motherhood. Seed of Life was founded to support women holistically. Believing that this journey into motherhood requires support both practically and physically as well as emotionally and spiritually. By combining yoga teachings, ancient wisdom and evidence-based knowledge they have created a complete birth preparation programme. 

Milagros and Rosanna met during their pre and post-natal Kundalini yoga training in 2017 and following the completion of the course, Seed of Life was born. Not only committed to support women through pregnancy, birth and postpartum from a natural and holistic point of view, Seed of Life aims to re-connect women to their ancient intuition and knowledge.

As an experienced yoga teacher, Milagros guides women to tune into their body and trust its innate and primal capability, as well as offering a unique perspective as a post-partum doula helping women to regain their strength. Rosanna’s background in Art Therapy allows her to bring self-development practices which aim to give women clarity on personal challenges and the pathway to overcome them. As a qualified birth doula, Rosanna supports women leading up to birth and on their day of birth.


If a woman doesn't look like a goddess during labour then someone isn't treating her right.

-Ina May Gaskin-

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"Amazing. Rosanna and Mili are friendly, warm and listening people. They were able to answer all our questions and worries in details and to provide us with rich and useful information. The whole course is a very nice (must-do) journey to understand and embrace pregnancy, birth and postpartum with full confidence!"

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